Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Connecticut Genealogy News

While not a book, Connecticut Genealogy News is a good place to start looking for information on Connecticut genealogy. A publication of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Connecticut Genealogy News contains articles written by local genealogists. Many of the articles are designed for genealogical beginners, such as recent features on census research. However, for those of us who are a little more advanced, Connecticut Genealogy News still has a lot to offer.

For advanced genealogists, features on Connecticut genealogy make a subscription worthwhile. Some have a historical focus: biographies of famous Connecticut residents or information on major events. Knowledge of this history helps all of us focus our searches. My favorite are the town history profiles. The most recent edition focused on East Haddam, CT. Writers include a general history of the town, records sites, and more. These are incredibly useful if you do research in that town. Thus far, I've found my subscription worthwhile.

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