Monday, November 21, 2011

How do we find those female ancestors?

As you probably have figured out, most of my blog posts are based my "poking." Basically, they're things that I discover or wonder about while I'm doing something else. Often prepping for my classes, working on an article or researching my own family turns up fantastic topics. Today's topic is based on a family research problem.

My end point for a family line has been my 2nd great-grandmother. I know the name of her father because she gave her son the same name. He was a prominent 19th century judge in Connecticut, but for some reason, I can't locate him on the census. Without that, I can't easily find his parents or his wife. I do have a printed genealogy that might help, but I don't entirely trust it. In short, I want to do this on my own.

I did manage to turn up my 2nd great-grandmother's mother this morning. How? The SAR application file on Turns out the judge was a Revolutionary War descendant. His grandson decided to apply for the SAR and had to list the judge's wife as part of the application. Always a good place to start if you have an old family.

So what's the next step back? I'd like to keep tracing the female line. I'm thinking I'll start with the local cemetery... Her birth and death dates would be useful...

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