Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little know Connecticut-factoid

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Did you know that Connecticut originally contained three British colonies?

Saybrook Colony was part of the Warwick Patent, which granted a large portion of Connecticut to fifteen men. It was first settled by Europeans in 1635. In 1644, the owners of the Patent sold the land to the Connecticut Colony.

New Haven Colony was chartered in 1638. It was strictly religious. You had to be a church member to vote. This caused problems after England dethroned and then restored the Stuarts. The New Haven colony tried to protect two people involved with their overthrown and ended up angering the King. They lost their land to the Connecticut Colony in 1662.

The Connecticut Colony provides the foundation for the modern state. Members first laid out their plan for governance in 1639 and were formally chartered in 1662. In 1687, King James II tried to revoke the charter. To do ceremonially, he needed the physical charter. Colonists' efforts to hide the charter and protect it led to the myth of the Charter Oak. And the rest is Connecticut's past...

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