Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nothing like being behind the times...

Well, one lesson learned already. If you're going to blog about books, you need time to read. Oops...
Oh, well. I took a few extra days, but I have some books to share with you.

First up, the Images of America series. There seems to be one for every Connecticut town. I took a look at the one about Middletown. The book is a collection of images of Middletown across the last few centuries. For a native, this is a fun read. Images are organized by theme and span over two hundred years. If you're willing to sit for a while, you can begin to imagine what your neighborhood looked like in 1700. For a non-native, this is a frustrating book. There is no general narrative. Instead, the history is shared in the photo captions. While themes are useful in understanding the photos, the photos need to be organized chronologically as well. It's hard to jump from 1930 back to 1895. If I didn't know the area, I'd be lost. Long story short: it's a fun vanity piece if you live there, but not a great history textbook.

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