Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stories in Stone: How Geology Influenced Connecticut History and Culture

Jelle Zeliniga de Boer's Stories in Stone turned out to be a nice surprise. The first chapter was heavy on the geological history. Honestly, I was almost scared off. It turned out the following chapters contained a lot of history. While I may still still have skimmed a few pages, Stories in Stone ended up being an informative and fun introduction to Connecticut history.

Organized around geological themes, Stories in Stone covers Connecticut gemology, topography, weather, and more. De Boer introduces the history first and then offers an explanation for why it occurred. Who ever knew that Connecticut once had an active volcano or that plate activity made quarries occasionally turn up gold? His structure offers both fascinating anecdotes and some good educational value.

While it will probably never find a home in my library, Stories in Stone made for a good solid read.

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