Monday, November 14, 2011

Waiting for my next book to come in...

While waiting for my next book to come in, I decided to surf the web for Connecticut history sites. The Google search turned up the usual suspects: The Connecticut State Library, a state government site, and the Connecticut Historical Society. And then, a little ways down the page, I noticed an odd title: "Laptop Encyclopedia of Connecticut History."

I'll admit I was expecting to find a person website containing only a small amount of research - but I was very wrong. The "Laptop Encyclopedia of Connecticut History" is run by the Connecticut Humanities Council and contains articles written by some of Connecticut's best historians. Topics include both broad history features and biographic profiles. You can find both "Education in Connecticut" and a profile of "John M. Bailey."

This is definitely my best find thus far and likely will become my first stop on my search for Connecticut history.

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