Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What do you think your ancestors' Thanksgivings were like?

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I have to admit I'm wondering what my ancestors' Thanksgivings were like. Like many of you who have Connecticut roots, I'm descended from farmers.

My Connecticut families raised meat and some hay, so I know they didn't grow most of what was on their tables. Wheat went West in the late 1800s. Connecticut's rocky soil made cash crops almost impossible to grow. From what my ancestors said, it was the growth of the big cities - especially New York - that saved their farms. They might have had a few vegetables from their garden, but they had to buy everything else.

They probably shared the meal with family. Old maps show that several generations lived within a mile of each other. I wonder who else shared their table?

How do you envision your ancestors' Thanksgiving?

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