Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why it pays to research our female ancestors - continued.

First of all, a huge shout-out to Find A Grave volunteers. Without Find A Grave, I would have been headed to the wrong cemetery. Turns out my ancestor was buried in East Lyme, not Lyme as I had thought. Thanks to the volunteer, not only was I able to get her burial location, I also got her birth year.

With that information, I went back to Ancestry and ran a general search, just for fun. I always do this at least once when I'm researching. Often it turns up an answer I hadn't been expecting, because the database wasn't one that I'd planned on looking at. This worked out once again, turning up her marriage record and her father's name.

A child born in 1795 tends to scream American Revolution descendant to me... So, last stop was the DAR database. Armed with her father's name, I quickly turned up his record as well as her mother's name. Turns out I had a Revolutionary War line I didn't know about. Definitely a lesson in why it pays to research your female ancestors. Do you have a similar story?

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