Sunday, December 11, 2011

Connecticut Genealogy Book Reviews Continued: Durham, Connecticut Images of America

I can finally pick up my Connecticut genealogy book reviews again with Images of America: Durham Connecticut. Organized by the Durham Historical Society, the work relies on the usual Images of America format. It is made up with images and postcards of the town, organized into chapters and labeled with descriptive information. The chapters follow the traditional themes for such works: religion, education, industry and relaxation. Images are organized chronologically within the chapter.

If you can claim a Durham ancestor, this book is worth a look. Photos include head shots of Durham residents and images of their homes. Both kinds of photos are well-labeled with names and other such details. You may find a long-wished for photo of the family home or a missing ancestor.

This is not, however, an effective history book. Writers were locals, and that is apparent in their labeling. Photos of individuals are marked only with their names and not with details of their ancestries. Destroyed houses are described based on their modern placements. Learn a little about Durham first and you'll benefit from the Images of America book.

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