Monday, December 19, 2011

Town Profile: Chatham, CT

I was considering going back to some of my original themes and decided today would be the perfect time. I'm continuing the survey of Connecticut's non-town towns.

Chatham was established in 1767 and existed until 1915. Originally, it contained both modern day Portland and East Hampton. Portland, at the time called Conway, split off in 1841. The remaining town's name was changed to East Hampton in 1915, although you will still see the Chatham name used.
If your ancestor was born in Chatham, finding vital and baptismal records will likely require checking both towns. However, you may be saved a step if you can find their church. Each town had its own church. East Hampton Congregational Church was built in 1755. First Congregational Church of Portland was constructed in 1721. Each should hold the records for the local area.

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