Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog revisions... and a little more about me!

   As some of you have probably noticed, I've been playing around with my blog template. I've started linking my sites together. I'd love to have you take a look at all of them and discover a little bit more about what I do. A few points to note before you get started. First of all, my Connecticut resource page on the Charter Oak Genealogy website is getting built slowly. I'll get there eventually, but have patience! Second, I'm by no means an expert on Luxembourger genealogy. I'm lucky in that I was handed my Luxembourg line almost fully traced but unlikely in the fact that their ethnic background was almost missing from the story - my Luxembourg ancestor married a German woman. I'm learning as I go. I do speak and read French but German and Luxembourgish is new.
   With those blog revisions, I'm also considering how to improve my blog topics. I'd love to hear - within reason - what topics you'd like to see me cover. I can't guarantee I'll get to everything, but I'd would like to try a few.

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