Monday, January 2, 2012

Mappy Monday: Connecticut "Unique Place Names"

Connecticut has a tendency to name parts of towns as though they were municipalities. This can cause problems for non-locals who, naturally, believe that they're looking at a reference for an actual town. It's only when they search for a town clerk's office that they discover they have a problem. If you've ever tried to locate the records for an ancestor living in Tylerville (Haddam), you know what I mean.
This morning's search to place a village in the proper town finally motivated me to find a resource that could do it for me. As luck would have it, such a thing does actually exist! The Connecticut State Library has something they call the "Unique Connecticut Place Names" list. It can be found at This list, which can be sorted alphabetically by either village name or town name, lists the village name followed by the town. It's a huge time saver.
I'm still searching for a version of this list that links to map images...


  1. Thanks for this resource. It is fun to see "Waller" in New Milford as I believe this village may have been named for my Waller ancestors.

  2. It very well may have been! I've been reading some interesting commentary from a book called "Post Roads & Iron Horses" about how the villages with a name and -ville were often called after the owner of a factory.