Saturday, January 21, 2012

Society Saturday: Middlesex County Historical Society

  Based in Middletown, the Middlesex County Historical Society's collection encompasses the history of all of Middlesex County. The collection includes a variety of artifacts dating from the founding of Middletown through the 20th century. Current exhibits cover the Civil War in Middletown and the history of the General Mansfield House, the Historical Society's home.
   The Society is also home to an extensive research library. The library includes everything from the early court documents from Middlesex County to World War I letters, and more. Members have been collecting since 1901, and the upper tier of Middletown's society is well represented. Efforts have been made to trace Middletown's immigrant groups. The library is accessible only by appointment.
   If you're interested in Middletown immigrants, the Middlesex County Historical Society's website is well worth a visit. A digital version of a 1990s exhibit has been added to the website. Pages give an overview of each group's arrival in the area and how they became integrated in Middletown's daily life. The section on Greek immigration was eye opening for me. For more information, visit

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