Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Madness: Is It Molly or Mary? - solved...

  For those of you who don't remember, I wrote a post in early December about how trying to track down a female ancestor was frustrating me. I knew Molly Graves had married Abiel Stark, senior. And that was about it. My suspicion was that I was using the wrong name, since Molly was a nickname for Mary or Margaret. Well, I just learned a valuable lesson about looking for alternate spellings on first names - not Molly's, but her husband's.
  Turns out that my branch of the family had spelled Abiel's name differently than Abiel himself spelled it. While his son used Abiel, Abiel senior used Abial. An alert Find A Grave poster had recorded Abiel's grave under both spellings  Once I had his grave, it wasn't hard to locate Molly's. 
  So, as it turns out, Molly's real name is Mary. Mary Graves was born in 1763 East Haddam to Benjamin and Mary (Ransom) Graves. She was their second child. Benjamin was killed in the American Revolution. As it turns out, there was a Revolutionary War ancestor I didn't know about, too!

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