Monday, February 20, 2012

Mystery Monday: Is this family legend true?

   I was reminded yesterday of a family story that I've always wondered about. It's lacking in details and I've always thought it might be unprovable... but I still would like to know the "truth." According to family lore, one ancestor's home was on the Underground Railroad. Of course, the relative (now deceased) who told me this story failed to specify the ancestor.
   I can somewhat limit the time period being discussed. Slavery was limited in Connecticut in 1798 but did not end completely until 1848. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 increased the level of resistance to slavery. So, chances are high that if this were true, it took place between 1798 and 1860,  most likely between 1848 and 1860.
   I can also limit the area. My ancestors lived in North Lyme and East Haddam.

   So where do I go from here? I've got to admit this one leaves me clueless.


  1. Maybe this could help. Book Title: The Underground Railroad in Connecticut. Contributors: Horatio T. Strother -author. Publisher: Wesleyan University Press. Place of Publication: Middletown,CT.1962.

  2. Kathryn,
    Thank you! I'd had the book on my shelf so long I'd forgotten it was there. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer anything beyond a vague explanation that homes in East Haddam may have been on the Underground Railroad but details were lacking.