Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrify Thursday: Historic Archive of The New London Day

  I had, sadly, been putting off doing research for my Lyme families in The Day. While The Hartford Courant and The Middletown Press are easily accessible to me, The Day usually requires a special trip. It's only available on microfilm, so to access the older issues, you have to order the microfilm or visit a library that has the reels. Or so I thought.

  It turns out that the archival branch of Google News has digitized some of the older issues of The Day. Sadly, they've stopped adding new issues, so the collection will never be expanded. But for those of us researching New London County, this is a potential goldmine. I found two obituaries, multiple vacation stories, and more. The archive covers most of 1903 through 1920, although there are issues missing. Scattered issues are available from years before and after this period.
   To access articles about your ancestor, start by searching their name or information in Google. This should link you to an appropriate article in the archives. Once there, you can easily use the archive search function. Unfortunately, entering via the Google News site seems to throw off the search function. If you search from there, you will end up without results.

 Good luck!

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