Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tueday's Tip: A Quirk of Ancestry.com's Barbour Collection Indexing

   In playing around with my Martin family over the weekend, I discovered a quirk of Ancestry.com's Barbour Collection indexing that I wanted to share. The Barbour Collection they offer is in fact a typed index to the actual fifty-five volume Barbour Collection. They've gone an extra level and made it searchable.
   Unfortunately, that search function isn't perfect. Elihu Martin was born in East Haddam, and his 1802 death -in New York - was recorded there. If you search the index for Martin's death, the search results will indicate that he died in East Haddam. It's a quirk of the indexing, which lists the date of the event and where the record was stored but nothing else.
   My point? If you're using the Barbour Collection search, click through to see the actual document. There will be a few details you might have otherwise missed.

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