Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday: Locating an Ancestor's Obituary in a Connecticut Newspaper

   As I mentioned in yesterday's post, finding the local newspaper does not always guarantee that you've found the location of your ancestor's obituary. Family members often chose to publish in another a newspaper. Why? That newspaper may have had more reach to your ancestor's friends, better reflected his political viewpoint or simply been better read.
      How do you then find "the" newspaper? Look first at the largest local city. Connecticut River towns often had their announcements published in The Middletown Press. Second, consider your ancestor's political or social reach. Hartford locals chose their favorite papers. The Hartford Times once appealed to a different political party than did The Hartford Courant. I've also seen an ancestor's early 19th century Lyme marriage announcement in the Hartford papers - because the woman's father had Hartford connections. Finally, look at a paper's reach. Today much of the shoreline reads The Register or The Day.

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