Friday, March 9, 2012

Follow Friday: Connecticut Museum Quest

   If you've not figured this out by now... I love history... any history... which leads to me reading blogs that have nothing to do with genealogy and everything to do with Connecticut history. If nothing else, they teach you where to look when you have a question.
   My latest discovery is a blog called Connecticut Museum Quest. The blogger is a Connecticut native who has set out to visit Connecticut's many museums. He's created a list by town - which links to the museum's page and often a profile of a visit. He's not perfect. Middlefield is listed as having no museums when the historical society has a fantastic museum space. I've also caught small mistakes in his visit profiles about a few museums I know well. However, his resource is the best I've ever seen for figuring out who might own your ancestor's relics. And if you're local... Tourist time!


  1. Thanks! Sent the link along to a nutmegger friend.

  2. Thanks for the website link. What a great site for Connecticut Museums. They have listed the Twitchell-Rowland Homestead for Oxford Connecticut as a future museum. The Twitchell-Rowland Homestead will be having an opening day this May 5 & 6, 2012.

    Regards, Jim