Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sentimental Sunday: What are the items that you consider genealogical gold?

   Thanks to a wonderful gift, I finally have an original copy of Charles R. Stark's The Aaron Stark Family. Why do I care about having a copy of a genealogy book published in 1927? For a few reasons. This is the "gold standard" for that line of my family history. It traces the family from the early 1600s to the generation born in the 1860s. Stark's work was well researched, and even now, we find few errors - although he did leave a lot out when discussing the women who married into the family. Second and more important, this was the resource everyone went to answer my genealogy questions. When I was a small child, my elderly relatives spent a lot of time telling me about my family history. Of course, there were always a few questions I couldn't answer. They went straight to Stark's book. No surprise, it soon took on genealogy "Bible" in my house. Until now, I haven't had a copy.
  The gift started me thinking about what else I consider "genealogical gold" - a must-have item. For me, it's this book, family photos, and a few other things. What about you?

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