Saturday, March 3, 2012

Society Saturday: Bridgeport Public Library

   It's always a pleasant surprise to discover that a local public library has created a well-developed website - or even an online exhibit. The Bridgeport Public Library's History Center staff has done just that. In addition to advertising an extensive local history collection, they've built a top notch website. That website includes articles on Bridgeport's history, descriptions of Bridgeport's neighbors, lists of local parks and more. In essence, they've accumulated much of what you'd need to online research on your Bridgeport ancestors. And once you need to go offline, they've explained how to order research.
   Sadly, in migrating to this new website, they've left behind some of the extensive online exhibits they had developed. Thankfully Connecticut's Heritage Gateway has kept some of the original links. Check out Bridgeport Working. This online exhibit traces industrial life in Bridgeport through the 20th century using photos, oral histories, and more. I can't wait to see what other exhibits they've created.

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