Saturday, March 10, 2012

Society Saturday: The Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogical Research Databases

   In my posts entitled "Is it Molly or Mary," I wrote  about discovering a new Revolutionary War ancestor. The father of Mary (Graves) Stark, Benjamin Graves of East Haddam, died of his wounds after defending New London against the British. While another Stark Revolutionary ancestor was well-known, I'd never heard of Benjamin.
  So how did I get there? One of my favorite sources of hints provided half the answer. The Daughters of the American Revolution (disclaimer - I'm a member off of that aforementioned ancestor) provides an online database of their applications. Those Genealogical Research Databases allow you to search by member (the person that applied for the DAR), a Revolutionary War ancestor, their descendants, and more. I've used all of these search formats at various times.
   This time, I worked back until I hit the last quarter of the 1700s. This brought me to the descendant of Benjamin, his daughter Molly. Using the descendant search, I was able to pull up her father. Benjamin Graves is listed as having died September 6, 1781 from wounds received in battle. I initially got the rest from an online genealogy... but it's time to fill in the story properly. On page 404 of Connecticut Men in the Revolution is listed Private Benjamin Graves of East Haddam. He apparently served in the local militia...

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