Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Find A Grave Volunteers!

   I've given blog "shout outs" to the volunteers for the website Find A Grave before, but it's definitely time for me to do it again! Find A Grave photos have come in very handy for me not once but many times in the last week. My students have used them to locate new relatives... and I've been able to use them to build Molly (Graves) Stark's story even further.
  I'm in the midst of trying to trace - and support - the lineage from Benjamin Graves down to me. Find A Grave photos are proving to be a big help. Several of Molly's children are buried locally. Their graves have been photographed for the website. While the men's gravestones do not list their spouses, the women's do. Their stones list their maiden names, spouses, death date, and age at death. Those photos have become a useful way of identifying maiden names and confirming marriage.
   So, in short, I want to say Thank you! to all you volunteers.  And if you live near a cemetery, please volunteer to take photos.

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  1. I would like to second that shout out to Find a Grave volunteers. On volunteer in particular found a revolutionary war ancestor's gravestone of mine in an abandoned cemetery.

    Regards, Jim