Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Bela Coe, Old North Burying Ground, Middlefield

    I took this photo of the gravestone of Bela Coe while writing an article on the restoration of Old North Burying Ground. You can read the article on the local Patch.com site here. Evidence of restoration is visible in the photo. The stone, which split in two, has been cleaned and put back together. The hard work of volunteers has rescued the efforts of Bela's family to mark his final resting place.
   I intended to post this photo to Find A Grave but discovered that someone was far ahead of me! Jan Franco's description gives a solid history of Bela, a local farmer, and his intermarriage with the Ward family. Anyone studying Middlefield will recognize his offspring.  The Coe name is well-known locally.

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