Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Leora A (Bassett) Lown, Old North Burying Ground, Middlefield

   I was going to write about Benjamin and Mary (Ransom) Graves... but I still don't know where they're buried. It's time for a visit to the Hale Collection! In the meantime, let's return to Old North Burying Ground in Middlefield.

   Leora A. Bassett Lown was the wife of Civil War veteran, Timothy Lown. Her Find A Grave page is here but contains little more information than her gravestone. She died extremely young, at 24. The 1870 census for Middlefield reveals a bit more. Leora, born in Massachusetts, was married to Timothy Lown, housepainter. Timothy was from New York. The two were parents to Connecticut born Harvey, aged 3.  Based on these dates, the Lowns (or Louns, as the census enumerator spelled it) probably married in 1867 or even earlier. Leora would have been only 17. I wonder what her parents thought.

(Apologies for lacking the proper census citation... It's been a busy day!)

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