Friday, April 13, 2012

Follow Friday: Wesleyan University's Special Collections Blog (and lots of Middletown history)

   I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across Wesleyan University's special collections blog. While I do most of my research in the Middletown area, I often forget about Wesleyan University's collections. Why? Because it seems like they should all be about the "gown" side of the "town-gown" divide.  Of course, as the blog reminded me, the assumption was wrong.
   Recent posts have covered resources on town history held in the Special Collections unit at Wesleyan. Some are straightforward history texts - such as student dissertations. But others hold much more depth. They have vertical files containing photographs of the city, atlases with the traditional town streets, and more. I know I got some new ideas... and I suspect I won't be alone!

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