Monday, April 23, 2012

Madness Monday: Where is this Baptismal Certificate?

   Outlining my D.A.R. application yesterday highlighted a major problem. I'm missing the baptismal certificate for Mary (Graves) Stark. I can clearly prove a relationship between Mary Graves and Abiel Stark; tying Mary to her father is proving much harder. There's a DAR application on file, which suggests that some connection can be made. Mary Graves was born in 1763, but she's missing from the records of the First Congregational Church, where Benjamin Graves was baptized. Other Graves family members moved to Millington (a portion of East Haddam) and were married in that church. Yet, I can't find reference to Mary there either.
   So where was Mary Graves baptized? Millington Church is still my best guess, but I'd love to hear other ideas!

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