Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sentimental Sunday: Creating a Connection to the Past

   I sat down today to start outlining my supplemental application to the Daughters of the American Revolution and figure out what I still needed to locate. I found some interesting issues I needed to address: one ancestor had recorded her mother's birth date incorrectly on a document, and I was only able to correct the error by finding the mother's gravestone. I also realized something. I feel a deep connection to this line.
   It's a little strange to feel that way. I have few photos, and very few documents. I don't have many tangible connections to my ancestors on this branch. However, I do have something that few of my other lines have given me: stories.
   This one branch was very insistent about writing down their memories and making their off-spring read them. I have memoirs written by my great-grandparents and one even older. That takes me back to a man that was born in the 1820s. And I can even describe his personality, because his son recorded his memories of his father in great detail. These memoirs are gems - and they give me a deep connection to a line I wouldn't otherwise remember.
   So, how do you connect to your past? Do you share those stories with your children or grandchildren.

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