Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Edward and Louise Burke of Durham, Durham Cemetery, Durham, CT

    It's time for another visit to the Durham Center Cemetery.  (Yes, I'm still posting the dozen or so photos I took during a recent trip.)
   This time we're looking at the gravestone of the Burke family. The two names to the right are the family's elder members. Edward F. was born in 1867 to Augusta and Ezra Burke, and Louise C. in 1866. Both died in 1947. According to the 1900 census, Edward was a farmer. At that time, they had three children: May, Grace, and Milton. By 1910, they'd added an additional child - Luther, the husband of the second couple. The family lived in Durham for a few decades. However, by 1920, they'd moved to Madison. They bought a dairy farm locally, and Luther became an electrician. Edward and Louise seem to have remained there for the rest of their lives.
   Why did these two couples decide to be buried back in Durham? Why did Luther not remarry after Hazel's early death? I'm not sure. This family sounds like it has a great story.

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