Sunday, May 13, 2012

Church Record Sunday: Durham, CT churches

   After a few weeks of dragging you through my personal research, I thought it might be nice to feature another town - one that I already mentioned. I do a lot of research in Durham. Founded as the northern part of Guilford, Durham was historically an agricultural community. Over the last thirty years, it has gradually become a suburban bedroom community, but there are still a few active farms. The roots of the town stretch back centuries.
   For a small town, Durham's church history is relatively complicated. There are three church communities in town - but at one point, there was a fourth church. The town's Roman Catholic church is called the Church of Notre Dame. Founded in the 1950s, it was originally a mission church of St. Francis in Middletown. It has recently been "yoked" with St. Colman's in Middlefield. The Church of the Epiphany, the town's episcopal church, was established in 1802. The church building dates from the 1860s. The town's third church, United Churches of Durham, is the product of a merger between two older churches. According to Historic Buildings of Connecticut, the North Congregational Church originally occupied the current building, while the Methodist Church occupied the former grange. The site further indicates that merged in 1941.

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