Sunday, May 20, 2012

Church Record Sunday: St. Colman Church, Middlefield

  The history of Roman Catholics in Middlefield, Connecticut is confusing even to a local. The first independent parish in Middlefield was established in the 1960s. At first glance, it would seem that Catholics had just arrived in the area. The reality is different.
   According to a Hartford Courant article, early Catholics attended St. John's Church in Middletown. Established in the 1840s, St. John's history indicates that it was at first the only church in the area. As the Catholic population grew, the Hartford Courant article explains that new churches were established. In 1890, a Catholic church opened in Middlefield. St. Colman's was first a mission church of St. John. The history of  St. Francis Church in Middletown indicates that, after 1904, it became a mission of St. Francis.
   According to a Hartford Courant article of the period, a new church was dedicated in September of 1962. At that time, St. Colman's was an independent church.
    So what does it mean if you have Catholic ancestors in Middlefield? Before 1890, you're looking for records in Middletown at St. John's. After 1890, they should be at St. Colman's but may be held by the parent church. Middlefield has town, not religious, cemeteries. To reach the church office, call 860-349-3868.

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