Friday, May 25, 2012

Follow Friday: Judy and Conrad Productions, Middlefield CT genealogy website

   It's rare to find a family genealogy website that has a great deal of historic material. Too many of these websites were produced through an old option, which allowed you to transfer your family tree to a website. Many of those websites were simply pedigree charts. Many lacked citations, and almost all lacked photos or other documents.
   Judy and Conrad Productions was a nice surprise. While the website shares some of the characteristics of those websites such as low graphics, it has a ton of historic material. Most of the website is devoted the couple's individual family trees. However, one section covers Middlefield. At this point, the pages are largely undeveloped. Yet, the "Works in Progress" page has fantastic historic material. The couple has digitized a local oral history, posted an incomplete historic study of town held locally, and included photos of local elementary school classes. Although it looks like the website hasn't been touched in some time, I'm holding out hope that it will be completed. For a small town, this is a treasure trove.

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