Friday, May 18, 2012

Follow Friday: New Hartford Historical Society blog - and my plans for future Friday posts to feature Connecticut blogs

   I've been gradually leaning this way for a while, but it's time to make it official. From now on, my "Follow Friday" posts will feature new-to-me Connecticut blogs. I promise I'll include more than my own research. I've subscribed to many of these blogs and read them on a regular basis. Others I will end up looking at only once, often because I don't research in that area. My rule of thumb is going to be this - if it looks like it might help a genealogist, I'll include it.
   Today's feature falls in the "look at once" category for me. New Hartford, Connecticut is in the northern part of the state near Avon. I research more in the center of the state. However, this blog might turn out to be useful for a few of you!
    The New Hartford Historical Society started a blog in January of this year. New posts have been added about once a week since. Posts cover different aspects of New Hartford's history, such as the walls alongside Route 44 or the naming of a local swamp. Each gives a detailed (though sadly, uncited) history of the location. If you or your ancestors are from the town, this is a fabulous way to learn more about its past.

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  1. Thanks. I will definitely be checking your Follow Fridays!