Saturday, May 26, 2012

Society Saturday: Thompson Historical Society

   I decided it was time to  push my comfort zone a little... So we're off to the other side of the state. (Please be forewarned: I don't research in this area, and this is a learning experience for me too!) Thompson is located on the Rhode Island border, just north of Killingly and Putnam. According to the town's website, it is divided into ten small villages. Each has its own character and center. Wikipedia indicates that the total population is under 10,000.
   The Thompson Historical Society was established in 1968. The Society's goal was to preserve the history of the town through the preservation of artifacts and buildings. Although the Society has expanded over time, its mission has remained the same. Today it leases two buildings and runs one as a museum.
  Although the Society's website states that genealogy requests are to be directed to the Killingly Historical Society, The Thompson Historical Society still has plenty of resources for the average genealogist. First and foremost, they provide a contact person for local history questions. Called their "Oracle," he promises to do his best to research all questions.Their museum shop includes three histories of the area. They've even digitized a small portion of their collection and provided an online exhibit on a local Civil War soldier. They may not provide traditionally genealogy resources, but the Thompson Historical Society will help you provide context.

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