Thursday, May 31, 2012

Those Places Thursday: Thompson CT

   As sorry as I am to say this, I'm honestly not sure that I've ever been to Thompson. My roots are in the Connecticut River Valley. You tend to travel up the Valley to go north and along the shore to go east or west. I've been to that corner of the state as a tourist, but not nearly as often as I'd like. Of course, this makes today's post that much more fun.
   Marian Pierre-Louis provides some nice cemetery photos on her blog The Symbolic Past. Posted in the summer of 2010, they depict tombstones of some of the town's 18th century residents. The gravestones of Sarah Jacobs and Hall Mason are examples of that era's ornate tombstone art.
  For those more interested in buildings, consider looking at the websites for several of the town's tourist attractions. The Fort Hill Farms complex dates to 1889, and the website boasts photos from the early 1900s. The National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Form provides a detailed history of the Thompson Hill area. While I'd love photos or detailed maps, this is a great starting point. And if you know the area, this is gold! If you're more interested in the North Grosvendordale Historic Mill District, a public Flickr stream provides some lovely images.
   Happy searching!

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