Friday, June 15, 2012

Follow Friday: Easton Historical Society Blog

  Just a hint to bloggers.... Don't make me dig through pages of material to find your best information!

  Easton Historical Society's blog is one of many that doesn't make full use of the main page. The main page is used to announce upcoming events. You'll need to turn to the side pages to find the historical information. "An 1867 Map" links you to a historic map image and explanation. "Photo Archive" displays vintage photos of town. Two links give the history of Society properties. Other pages offer membership and newsletter information.
  I would really love to see a redesign of this site. First of all, the historic information needs to be available on the main page. I've read the page before - and discounted it for not providing any useful information. If I'd seen the links, maybe I would have read on. Second, separate the Society information from the historical information. They both have their value, but sometimes they appeal to different groups. From  its placement (between newsletter and recent events), I would suspect "Photo Archive" contained photos of those recent events. It doesn't. I'd hate to see someone who isn't local skip over those great vintage photos. In the meantime, I hope you'll have the patience to go through the whole site. There's some great material here.

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