Friday, June 22, 2012

Follow Friday: Miss Wiggin's Attic (Litchfield Historical Society)

      The Litchfield Historical Society's blog Miss Wiggin's Attic is a treasure for anyone interested in local lore. Each post includes a time period appropriate history of an item in the Litchfield Historical Society's collection as well as links to online finding aids and other online sources of information. The Valentine's Day post covers letters from local couples to each other. Tapping Reeve's letter to Maria Tallmadge is a great read. Other posts provide background on local writers whose books the Society is in the process of digitizing; images of snow in Litchfield and more.
     This blog would fit into my "ideal" format. While it does not cover the general history of Litchfield, there is enough here to attract most local historians and genealogists. The posts are well written, detailed and well cited. My only complaint is that the Society posts little information about its writers. From how I accessed the page, you wouldn't even know what historical society it belonged to... Oh, well. If your family was Litchfield local, check this out!

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