Monday, June 4, 2012

Mappy Monday: Wethersfield Historic Properties Inventory Database

   I stumbled across the Wethersfield Historic Properties Inventory Database while looking for maps of historic Wethersfield. While the database isn't a traditional map, it allows you an in-depth historical visit to parts of Wethersfield that you may otherwise never see. Start on the search page. There, you'll be able to search by a variety of criteria, including age of the building, style, and street address. The results page will provide you with a list of houses that fit that criteria. Click on one property to find photos, a description of the home, details of its historic significance, and a link to available public records. If you're not fluent in architectural styles, there's a page that will help you understand each description as well. Need more history of Wethersfield's building periods? That's there too. Happy research!

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