Monday, June 25, 2012

Military Monday: "The War"

  While it only took me until June to finish the series I first wrote about in February, but I've finally finished The War (Ken Burns). I quickly realized how little I actually knew about World War II. I know the names of battles - I'm old enough to have known the men who fought in them - but I didn't know much of what they experienced. The War devoted time to covering each battle in detail, with footage and stories.
    I entered this process hoping to learn a lot about the World War II experience in Waterbury and did for the beginning and end of the war. Most of the footage understandably focused overseas. The American town with the greatest coverage was probably the one in Minnesota. I suspect that it may have been a matter of the footage available since parts of the film were compiled from older interviews. What was covered was well-done. The last segment traced the end of the war in Waterbury from the first newspaper announcement to the closing of brass factories.
   If you don't have the time or patience to watch the film, consider visiting the website.

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