Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tech Tuesday: Godfrey Scholar+

  The Godfrey Memorial Library has just an announced an update to their system. If you were previously a Godfrey Scholar member you know the traditional complain about their system: there was no real way to enter a name and search all of their databases simultaneously. The newly unveiled Godfrey Scholar+ remedies this problem. Using a system designed by Steve Morse, they've now made it possible for you to enter a name and conduct a search of their major databases.
   I'll admit I don't love the appearance of the main page's search function at first glance. Results appear at the bottom of the page - which is confusing if you don't expect it. You also have to click into separate screens to search certain databases, such as the cemetery files. If you don't know this, you're likely to miss some results. I think the system will grow on me, though... The results list was a fantastic step-up. You can see the number of hits for each database and quickly and visit each result.
  If you're interested in becoming a Godfrey Scholar+ subscriber, visit: http://www.godfrey.org/scholar/register.html.

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