Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Locally Grown

   Many Connecticut towns are now listing "locally grown" products on their websites, including Woodstock.   Such listings include the type of product, the farmers, that produce it and their product information. While these listings are fantastic for locals, they're also useful if you live a distance away. Why?  Many of these farms have been in operation for generations, even if they're not under the same owners. Check locations against your ancestors' homes. Who knows what you'll find!


  1. 'Locally grown' is a big attraction here in NY also.

  2. I was actually quite surprised when I did some research into locally grown tree farms in my area. Many had started out as dairy farms in the 1800s, and the current generation was trying hard to keep their family history alive. Those lists can tell you a lot more than just where to buy good produce!