Saturday, August 11, 2012

Society Saturday: Essex Historical Society

  For a kid growing up in Connecticut, Essex means two things: the Gris (the Griswold Inn) and the train (the Essex Steam Train). Turns out the small town has a lot more to offer. I wrote about its history in a December post.
   Essex also has one place I haven't been lucky enough to visit yet. The Pratt House is home to the Essex Historical Society. Built by one of the first settlers of the town, it has been in the possession of the Society since 1985 and maintains many of its original furnishings. I'm unsure why I haven't been yet, but I'm looking forward to the trip! You can read more here.
   If you can't visit and you have Essex ancestors, make sure to put in a phone call to their researchers. The Essex Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of manuscripts and objects. Chances are high they'll have some information on your family and be more than willing to help you locate it. Such support is definitely worth a phone call.

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