Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sorting Saturday: What do I do with all of this stuff?

  In theory, I've got a great genealogy storage system. Family papers are stored by surname, and folders are labelled by the individual name. The family genealogies go in a file named "-- family histories" as does anything I don't quite know what to do with yet. Files are manila, acid-free. Storage boxes are acid free. Family documents, if I have to mix them, are carefully stored in protective sheets before being added to the files... However, I'm fast discovering a problem I didn't expect.
   My genealogy files are becoming gathering places for anything and anything related to the families I study. It's great to have their mementos, but I'm fast reaching the point where I can't safely store everything. And if I keep something, it's with the intention of having it in 50 to 100 years. So I've started finding some objects new homes. Old newspapers that don't have a direct connection to my ancestor are finding a place at a relevant historical society. And I'll decide what else to give up soon.
   How do you decide what not to keep? Where do those items go?

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  1. I would scan the items that you didn't feel were as important (brochures, abstracts, etc., though not usually originals) and take pictures of the ephemera you don't want to keep. Then pass on those items to someone who does want them. You could even stuff them into a little keepsake box and give them to an antique store. Someone may one day buy the box and decide to go on a quest to find out from whence they came!

    I haven't done the box to the antique dealer yet, but I have scanned and taken pictures to downsize my stacks...not that they were too big to begin with =0)