Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tech Tuesday: Reviewing a few "Connecticut Genealogy" sites

 The more I read, the more I learn... For instance, until today, I didn't know that Enfield was not included in the published Barbour Collection. Thanks to the genealogist who pointed that out. (It is however, available at the state library.) One of the ways I keep up is by checking or new sources on Google. I search "Connecticut Genealogy" and then review what comes up. It tends to be hit or miss.
     AncestorHunt.com comes up on the first page of a Google search. The site advertises free Connecticut genealogy search engines. Most of the site linked to Rootsweb, providing searches of the message boards, cemetery listing, and surname listing. The "Search Thingy" on Rootsweb would have provided you the same material in one search. I wasn't familiar with the sites two other offerings: an archive search of USGenWeb and a family group sheet project for Connecticut. However, both were outdated and, for my family name, less than helpful. It may be helpful starter site (especially if you haven't found Rootsweb), but I think you could get the same material elsewhere - and on a more up to date site.
    I was far more impressed by  accessgenealogy.com. The site's authors have managed to accumulate an impressive collection of free and pay Connecticut links. While I'm still not sure why San Francisco immigration records ended up on a Connecticut page, I was glad to see that s they have managed to link together some of the better free Connecticut sites. Kudos to Dennis and Judy. Nice job!

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