Thursday, August 23, 2012

Those Places Thurday: Gillette Castle State Park

  I dangled it yesterday, so it's time to talk about it today. Gillette Castle State Park... It's a little kid's fantasy and a great part of the Gillette family history. The park quite literally has a castle, built on top of a cliff overlooking the the Connecticut River. The castle is full of fun details: hidden mirrors, wood carving, and moving furniture. The park also has the remains of a train tracks, built to support Gillette's miniature train. 
   The castle was home to actor William Gillette, best known for his stage portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. The park's website covers his biography. Born in Hartford to Francis Gilettte and Elizabeth Daggett Hooker, he lived from 1853 to the 1940s. His last appearance was in 1936. While Gillette was childless, his siblings did have offspring. Who knows? You could be a relative.

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