Thursday, August 16, 2012

Those Places Thursday: Essex Steam Train

   Admittedly this a relatively "new" attraction, but growing up in Connecticut, I found this one of the must sees! The Essex Steam Train was founded in 1971.  The company runs a variety of historic trains along its twenty-two miles of track. Such train cars were purchased from other railroads throughout the eastern United States. You can visit on a regular train run or a special event trip. Where else can you see you a car from the Eastern Vermont Railroad and the US Army in the same place?
     In researching this, I discovered that the Essex Steam Train had even more heritage than I remembered. The Valley Railroad Company (the Steam Train's business name) actually dates back to the 1860s. The track has had many different owners over time. Some have failed on their own, others have been bought out, and one nearly lost to the automobile. Yet, the track has persevered, giving Connecticut an incredible historical monument.
   I don't have any photos... I haven't been back in a while... but I hope to be there soon!

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