Monday, September 10, 2012

Military Monday: Connecticut and the War of 1812

  Do you know anything about the War of 1812? If so, you're a step ahead of most Americans. I know almost nothing, and I have an ancestor who fought in the war... (my sincere apologies to a Connecticut private who deserves better.) Of course, there's a reason why the War of 1812 is often called America's forgotten war.
  The New London Historical Society is working hard to change that. This summer, they opened an exhibit on the war and helped publish a book outlining the war. They've now gone one step further. Connecticut and the War of 1812 launched in early August.
   Like the book, the website tries to put Connecticut's experience of the war into a greater context. Some topics are the same, like the supposed role of Mrs. Stewart. Other aspects, such as the timeline, are aimed at those with less interest. And a few - including biographical profiles - are perfect for the genealogists among us. Have an ancestor who was a major figure during the war? You'll be treated to a nice overview of his or her life.

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