Saturday, September 29, 2012

Society Saturday: Great Connecticut Historical Societies and Libraries

    A recent discussion on a genealogy listserv set me to thinking... What are your favorite features of local libraries and historical societies? What societies do something exceptionally well? I wanted to share a few of my favorites.
   1. Middlesex County Historical Society: The Historical Society holds the collections of genealogist Frank Farnsworth Starr. His extensive notes provide hints into the genealogy of Middletown families.
   2. East Haddam Historical Society: With hard working volunteers, the Historical Society has built a great collection of East Haddam material from Moodus (yes, that's part of East Haddam) to Millington. Most of it is not available anywhere else.
   3. Durham Historical Society : How can I praise the collections of a historical society when I've never used their written collections? Because their oral history knowledge is fantastic. Have a question about Durham? The board can probably answer it - or tell you who in town can.

What historical societies or libraries would you recommend? Share your favorites.

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