Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sorting Saturday: FamilySearch Wiki Articles on Organizing

    Like every genealogist, I struggle to find an effective sorting system. Mine's a bit more complicated than most as I've inherited years of material from family historians. I have to use basic archival techniques to preserve what I've inherited, let alone what I've added to it. Most people don't need archival boxes and plastic sleeves. But even with all that work, I sometimes can't find what I need.
   That's why I'm always glad when someone points me in the direction of great information on organizing. The FamilySearch Wiki on organizing is one of these sources. Designed for a beginner, it combines information on how to search - research log anyone? - with what to do with documents once you've found them. It also suggests sources for further reading. Some were a bit outdated. For example, the link to now leads to a general page on beginning research. But of course, if you find errors, you can always update the Wiki!

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