Saturday, September 8, 2012

Surname Saturday: Sally Pratt (Williams) Ely

  I just learned  - once again - the value of using Google as part of my research. I always do a general search on any person I'm researching. You'll never know what you'll turn up... This time was no exception.
  I've been able to piece together basic information on one of my ancestors. Per entries on Find A Grave, Sally Pratt Williams was born in Connecticut on 23 October 1812 and died on 24 May 1901.The photo on the listing also shows the grave of her husband, John G. Ely. According to the census, Sally lived in Lyme her entire life. But I never knew where she was from.
  A Google search provided some help. According to several entries, Sally was born in Essex to Roderick and Philenda Williams. It's not proof, but it is a start.

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